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Karin Amano

Japanese Storyteller

 ー 日本の昔話 ー

Welcome to the homepage of Karin Amano,
the Japanese Storyteller!

If you are looking for a Japanese storyteller who is animated and funny, makes you laugh and cry, and teaches you about authentic Japanese culture, then contact Karin Amano!

If you would like to know more about Karin Amano, please click 


“Karin Amano - a performer who can screw up her face like a prune as the elderly employer but can also play just about anybody else with aplomb.”  

                                                                     Orlando Sentinel


“The actress has the audience in her back pocket the entire time.”  

                                         Orlando Weekly

Audience Testimonials: 


“I had never seen a professional storyteller and I was so impressed!” 

             A student at Tubman Middle School, GA


“ I could picture everything and all the characters as she was telling a story!” 

               A student at University of Florida


“Thank you for making my daughter shine! She really enjoyed acting in your show!” 

  The audience member at the Epcot’s Japan Pavilion,                                                                       Walt Disney World

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