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Karin is originally from Japan, where she trained in Japanese traditional dance as well as acting and singing. After performing in numerous Japanese theaters and on TV, she moved to NYC and performed in off-off Broadway productions including Shakespeare plays, one-woman shows, storytelling, and musicals. She received her Bachelor's degree in Educational Theater from New York University. From 1997 to 2000, she also emceed Japanese performing art festivals at Carnegie Hall. She was hired as a full-time actor/storyteller by Walt Disney World in 1999 and has been performing there for 16 years . Karin not only performs as a storyteller but also does Japanese voice-overs, government leadership training at Dramatic Solutions, and writes and acts in her one-woman shows at Orlando International Fringe Festival.




Karin was born and raised in Japan, where she was trained in Japanese Traditional Dance as well as singing and acting. Before she received her BS in Educational theater from New York University, she received an AS from Obirin Junior College in Tokyo, Japan. She performed for young audiences both in Japan and the U.S. and taught acting and dance summer camp for a kids' performance project in Central Park. She also taught at schools and conventions. Karin was a full-time actor/storyteller at Walt Disney World from 1999 - 2010. After performing in street comedy theater at Epcot’s UK, Italy, France and Norway Pavilions, she created and opened her one-woman storytelling show at the Japan Pavilion, which ran for several years. She still performs at  the Japan Pavillion for Holidays Around the World every year.



Karin was born and raised in Japan, where she was trained to be a Japanese voice over artist by Mamoru Takagaki, the renowned NHK Broadcasting radio drama director/playwright. After several voice over recordings for Fuji TV, she moved to NYC and did Japanese voice overs for local commercials, English voice overs for the Monkey King live radio drama, and a poetry reading program for WBAI Radio station. In Florida, she has done numerous Japanese voice overs for Walt Disney World and has served as the main narrator for VMware training software. She has also casted, directed, and edited for several Japanese voice over projects, such as Miller Brewing Company, VMware and Moricami Museum.

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